So this Friday. Actually so Thursday Friday we are heading to Sri Lanka for the Easter break. It’s mid-term holiday breaks here in Bahrain and breaks midterm holiday break and we’ve decided we only have a week off and we decided we want to return to Sri Lanka which is a place that we hold dear. It’s our third holiday. My husband and I joke that when we find a place that we really like we tend to overdo it. We’ve done it with Bali we’ve done it with Thailand and now Sri Lanka’s turn. But, yeah we do.
We discovered Sri Lanka last year after many friends had recommended it to us and discovered that our seven-year-old at the time learnt how to surf and really enjoyed it, and so any opportunity we can have to have a relatively inexpensive holiday because Sri Lanka is still just kind of becoming popular for tourism.
Then we like to go so that’s our plan. So we’re going for a week and I wanted to talk with you about how I prepare mentally for a holiday from a break from the routine from my usual habits rituals routines which I think I’ll do a podcast on that another time because there are three words that are often used interchangeably and are quite different. So that’s a whole another podcast in itself but I know a lot of people who are you know making some healthy changes to the health and well-being tend to freak out at the first little glimpse of a change to their routine particularly if they’ve been having some success and without properly preparing for it can actually do more damage or have to then do a lot of repair work when they return.
Not just to their physical results but also to their mental shift because you know it’s pretty natural I think to come back from a holiday and have to get back into normal work and life routine and it might take you know a good couple of weeks and that can kind of happen with your habits too.
So I guess you know I’m more than two years into my own transformation and I’ve been on a few different holidays and I’ve learnt some tricks and I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I just wanted to share with you exactly the things that I do to prepare for going away on a holiday particularly for a short break because this is only going to be a week for us. So what I’m going to do to prepare for our trip to Sri Lanka.

So first off I’m just going to say I’ve said this time and time again. But maybe you haven’t heard me say it but I the way I conduct my usual life day today isn’t that dramatically different to what I do on holidays. So, if I want a piece of chocolate I have it, if I want a Cadbury creme egg I have it but I allow for it and because of that I do believe psychologically I don’t ever feel deprived. So a lot of people will be quite restrictive on their diets and their lifestyles during the week and then blow out on the weekends are the same thing kind of happens on holidays people can in normal day to
day life, they know holidays coming up they want to look good in a bikini or they want to be out of fit into their favourite dress. So, they restrict restrict restrict restrict which can be quite radical. To their normal habits and then they get on holidays.
And then they eat all the foods or the breakfast buffets they might be less active or maybe more active depending on the type of holiday going on but they’re not doing the restrict like they were doing leading up to the holiday so what’s their body do the body goes woohh food. Haven’t had this much for a while. Stores are just back come back from holidays have to do it all over again. So even though my way of having a transformation has been slow and steady I’m not shocking my body as much so when I go on holidays I don’t get that oh my god I’m going to be and I have all I can eat breakfast buffet because breakfast is included or I do get excited particularly when I’m going to different countries that have different or exotic foods.
I do get excited to try that. That kind of thing. I don’t limit myself. I observe and I’m mindful about the foods I eat and I try and be strategic. So when I get to my destination.

Obviously, Sri Lanka, we’ve been there two times before. So we’re staying at the same place. As last time we got comfortable with where we’re going. So I’ve got an idea of what food is gonna be available and you know over two years of record keeping of the kinds of foods that you know helped me either lose weight maintain weight or gain weight.
Kind of have a bit more of an intuitive idea as to what, how much food I can eat without really gaining too much weight. And you know what kind of how much protein I should eat but I’m not that dedicated particularly for a week. There’s not really a lot of damage I can do in a week. I must say I want to eat you know 4000 calories a day and not get out of bed. So I don’t I’m not really that there’s not really much anxiety around me going on holiday.
I’m still going to enjoy the foods that I’ve always liked. I’m going to tune into how I feel I’m not going to eat just for the sake of eating you know which is what we do tend to do on holidays and I’m going to really aim to be as active as possible and this shouldn’t be that difficult because this is a surfing holiday.
You know we’re gonna be on the beach most days surfing is quite strenuous and yeah right on the beach we can walk up and down the beach do some swimming. So I think it’s going to even out my personal goal is to not lose or gain it’s just to maintain where I’m at which I’m still not at my goal weight, yet. And that’s cool. But I think aiming to drop you know a couple of kilos before going and then gaining that plus more I’d be in a worse situation. After the holiday.
And my body probably wouldn’t like it either like can you imagine being on like really low calories leading up to your holiday and feeling good on the plane get there for the first couple of days and you’re feeling great and then just eating the foods that you know you want to enjoy while you’re away and your body is just not used to it. You start to bloat and start to feel uncomfortable. So yes I think that being prepared knowing most of us to tend to know we’ve got a good period of time before we go away on a holiday.
We know how to get to be strategic and not go crazy. You know it would be nice to have hit my goal before I hit the beach in Sri Lanka. But you know the alternative would be for me to cut my calories lose one or two kilos which is most likely just going to be water weight anyway because you know it’s dropped that amount of weight in such a short time it’s less likely to be fat and more likely to be water retention then yeah. So,
I’m not really going to change too much.
I do always go on holiday with setting an intention that I’m going to do some home workouts in the hotel room and I have in the past taken some resistance bands which were intentions. They never come out. And I think that that’s OK.
I’m not sure if I’m going to take my resistance bands this time I may just take a couple. I do again have some intentions to do in hotel room work out which is quite simple. More simple than what I’ve planned to do previously maybe some stretches too because I’ll be surfing and I’m going to make it so that it’s not difficult. And honestly, I only train at the gym three to four times a week anyway so even if I did it three times in the week that we were there you know after breakfast before breakfast you know I’ve got some exercises that I can do without any equipment that I’m more than happy to you know just to kind of keep my consistency not necessarily to have some massive gains or losses but just to kind of keep that momentum going.

So yeah. I think that’s kind of covers of what I plan to do. I also like to if I know that we’re going to be a little bit less active which is not what’s happening on this holiday but on other holidays where they’re more sitting in a bus driving around then which we have done before on our two trips I go to Sri Lanka then I just don’t need as much because I’m not moving around as much. My body doesn’t need the fuel. I might skip a meal I
might skip breakfast or I might skip lunch depending on I might choose one meal of the day to be my really my special meal.
So the one that I really want to enjoy. But yeah I just make sure that I’ve got lots of healthy snacks with me if I need them like I’ll take some protein bars with me I might even take my protein shaker I’m less likely to use a protein shaker but the protein bars are great especially when you’re you know in between surfs on the beach. Just grab my bag have half a protein bar just keep it going. Yeah just you know reduce the fried food intake still enjoy bits and pieces but don’t go nuts.
And you know if you are going to enjoy something that you really want to enjoy that’s probably very high calorie but tastes really great. Eat it and enjoy it. But hey if you take one bite and it’s no good, don’t waste your calories on it. You know really be selective on what it is that you are going to waste your calories on. Don’t overthink it either.
Just enjoy your holiday. You know if you’re gonna be drinking alcohol just you know enjoy it. Don’t you know maybe choose one or two nights where you really enjoy it more than others? Hydrate make good choices when it comes to alcohol. You know swap out a meal. Free alcohol. You can manage it. You can balance yourself so. Yeah that’s how I prepare mentally you know set the intentions this is what I’m going to do but like I said Don’t over complicate it don’t overthink it you know give yourself be compassionate.