So I’m taking you on one of my morning walks it’s almost 6 a.m. while we hear the birds chirping and I get asked quite a lot why I get up an hour earlier to get out and do my walking like what and I do my walking later in the day sometimes and I guess the short answer is that if I feel like I have accomplished even just a little bit of my activity before I’ve even taken my kids to school, then I have fewer steps to have to worry about doing later on in the day where we tend to get busy and carried away with other things that we’ve got going on in our life.
So I feel like it just gives me that head start on my steps with my daily steps for the day.

So, the purpose of doing steps or monitoring your steps to the register is obviously steps or any kind of physical activity is always gonna be healthy for us. And as I talk a lot about in my book The Body Plan, record keeping is a really great way to see progress. See how your tracking, but making sure that you know, we’re giving you a better understanding and overall picture especially if you’re still in the midst of your body transformation. Keeping records helps you to see what’s working, what’s not working so that you know essentially playing a guessing game.
So aiming for a minimum amount of steps as well which I don’t really talk about. I actually don’t talk about in my book at all because I really do feel that in the first three months of your body transformation the most important thing is getting your mindset right and getting your food correct. But once you’ve got those mastered then physical activity is where it’s at. So with steps, a great way to make sure that you’re getting enough activity is to measure how many steps you’re taking each day and to be honest until I
actually got my Fitbit which is how I measured my steps.

I really I noticed that I really wasn’t being that active on days that I wasn’t going to the gym, and going to the gym is great or doing any other kind of fitness is great for you, but it’s the non-exercise activity that you do that is really going to yield the greater results. Overall healthwise and also with your weight loss progress.

So the more active you can be outside of traditional exercise, so by trying to walk places rather than driving walking further when you park your car using the steps rather than the elevator; that’s going to overall help you with your – It’s called Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which is when you’re how you continue to burn fat when you’re not exercising.

So if you were eating a really low-calorie diet and you were going to the gym three to four times a week for the rest of the week you’re on your bum and quite often if you are eating low calories that’s what’s gonna happen because you’re going to be so exhausted then your body’s not really firing up. So by trying to be as active as you can in the non exercise periods of time, it’s really going to give you that, extra oomph.

So back to the original question “Why do I do? Why do I aim to get so many steps done in the morning?” Well, I just feel like it kicks out my day here means that by the time I get to the end of my day I have fewer steps to hit on my daily target which my daily target might be different to your daily target and my daily target tends to change on weeks when I haven’t been that active. I start out slow. I usually start between eight and ten thousand steps today and then when I can reach that comfortably consistently for a few weeks sometimes one or two weeks, I’ll then move it up to maybe like twelve thousand five hundred because if he’s hitting his target and nothing’s really changing then you obviously need to move to shift that. But there’s no reason why you can’t avoid steps in the evening it doesn’t really matter what time of day you do them. Personally, I like to break it down into manageable chunks so I might do say 3000 or 4000 steps in the morning like right now and then other days I may, you know walk to the gym which will take another 5000 steps, but you know it’s very rare that I’ll do all my steps in one go because 10000 steps is over an hour walking, and honestly like probably most of you don’t really have like an hour chunk in my day to just dedicate to walking. So, I will yeah do mostly I’ll just like chunk a little bit in the morning I might walk to the gym on the days that I go to the gym if the weather permits if I’ve got to go to the grocery shop or park my car further away from the store, I’ll get a few more steps in there. When the kids are playing the afternoon after school, I’ll do a few more rounds of the compound then while they’re in the playground. And then you know maybe after dinner if I still really need to do some more or do some more then. So, morning. So yeah. There’s no reason why you can’t do it in baby steps. And if you work if you’re in an office job and you get an outbreak, why not get out of the office if you can.
Why not go have your lunch sit in the park then do a couple of rounds of the park or just even you know walking to the shops you know taking the stairs instead of the elevator if you are in a high rise building maybe take a couple of floors instead of using the elevator that’s really gonna help to add to your extra activity tally. So yeah, I hope that helps. I really love the reason I really like doing my steps in the morning too isn’t necessarily from the activity point of view but it’s also I really feel mentally it sets me up for a good day head off and I’ll just come out without my phone and I’ll just walk for 45 minutes just to clear my head to set my intentions for the day.
And you know like most of us who feel like we’re walking to-do list you know start to mentally think of the things that I’m going to achieve that day which is basically setting my intentions. So yeah and I feel the days that I don’t do it. I really notice it. So I really do miss that morning wake up. So yeah I hope this helps. And I’d love to know if you end up applying this if you haven’t already. Or rather than trying to get a hold of one hit you know just 10 minutes here there. Just get up away from your desk do a lap around the office do a lap around you, around your yard, you know up and don’t the street and back. You know you can find ways to break it down into small little achievable goals to get your steps per day.
So anyway, I hope this helps and I’ll chat with you soon.