Welcome to another episode of the new 40.

Today I want to talk about how to get motivated to do some or any form of exercise or training. I’ve touched on this before and I’ve said that really the best form of exercise or training particularly if you’re looking for weight loss is anything that you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it it’s something that you’re going to sustain over a longer period of time rather than just dipping in and dipping out of it and that’s not to say that you have to do the same kind of exercise all the time.

A lot of you probably have heard people suggesting that shocking your body is a good thing and that’s probably good if you really thrive on variety. But if you’re someone that really thrives on routine and then regularity then just finding something that you enjoy is going to ensure that you’re going to stick a stick at it.

And you know I appreciate a lot of people don’t really enjoy exercise but I also think that a lot of those people that say they don’t enjoy it haven’t really engaged to that any kind of exercise that they’ve enjoyed or done it for any kind of sustained period of time because I don’t think I know anybody that has ever said they’ve regretted a workout unless they’ve injured themselves of course. So I think often it’s like the actual act of going to make the time or to go into any form of movement that people don’t necessarily like but following the exercise when the endorphins kick in the feel good, feel good feelings then I don’t think I’ve really ever known anyone to have said or could have given that workout I miss. So I think that just trying to find something that you do enjoy if it’s pole dancing or you know Zumba or walking with friends a couple of times a week.

Just finding something that you think you could stick at it you don’t know enough just to get it forever as he can still get it for like 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Switch it up again depending on what your lifestyle is like. I know for me since becoming a mum and the primary caregiver to my kids with a pretty busy juggling schedule of trying to maintain the house and manage the kid’s activities in school drop-offs and the homework and keeping my husband happy all those kinds of things routine is something that really benefits me these days.

But in the past, it probably was probably more the variety particularly when I was a shift worker as a flight attendant just being able to mix it up or do things that could just fit into my really erratic schedule really suited me then. So whatever you’re doing now may not work you know down the line. But I really feel that finding something that you can enjoy and do some kind of movement will really help but the purpose of this podcast is for those times when you have chosen something that you do enjoy but you just can’t get the motivation to get out.

And this podcast is hot on the heels of me just returning from the gym. I just did a session and at the time of recording right now, I’m mostly focused on strength training which is any form of pushing or pulling resistance with other weights or bands and very little cardio. You can probably hear me walking, walking is the most of the cardio that I do every now and again I might do some kind of hit high-intensity interval training. I like to join a class or I’ll just put together something that I can do at home if I feel like I just need that little bit of extra oomph.

But it’s not really a focus for me at this point in time but my training does change depending on what my goals are at the time depending on how my body is responding, depending on what I’m enjoying at that point in time. And it’s all seasonal. It’s still a lot of it is about just being really observant and aware of how your body and mind and soul is responding to what you’re doing. And obviously, movement is really important for overall health and well-being. So movement flexibility activity it’s all very very important for an overall healthy body and mind and especially as we’re getting older doing it in a responsible and efficient way. It’s gonna change as we get older you know may be used to be a runoff you know your joints are now starting to pay for that and you’re having to find another way to keep your movement and activity at a decent level. So when it comes to motivation, a lot of people ask me how do you get motivated or how do you stay motivated when it comes to exercise or fitness. And for me yes. The first thing is planning something that you enjoy. But of course, there are times when I don’t feel like going to the gym like this morning when I was feeling a little bit tired.

Now it’s the first day of Ramadan here so I couldn’t have my usual coffee in the morning in the car that I normally take with me that kick starts my day. And it’s not only caffeine hit it’s almost symbolic for me that that’s where my day begins. And I’ve also been extending my breakfast to start a bit later in the day just to coincide with when I’m training and that’s not really that important feed and I bet you know obviously I haven’t been fueled so I was feeling a little bit well.

So I end up having my breakfast a little bit later than normal. And then I was kind of just hanging over my head that I had to go and do my training and I kind of want to return back to that I had to go because you don’t want things to feel like a punishment and to me, I know deep down it’s not a punishment. I know that not only during the training that I do because I really love weight training but also afterwards I’m going to feel a lot better and I kind of make a deal with myself and I say okay you’re not really feeling up to it today you probably not going to be pushing 80-90 per cent you probably want to do about 70 per cent of what you would normally do is probably better.

Well it’s not probably it’s most definitely better than not going to the gym at all and often it’s not just the act of going and training and putting your muscles and your body under that kind of training but it’s also the mental shift of knowing that you’re remaining consistent being consistent doesn’t mean that you have to show up and give 100 to 110, 120 or even 100 per cent every day. It just means showing up so I know mentally my momentum is going to continue because I still went to the gym. So I kind of make a deal with myself and say right you know that’s okay you’re human every day you’re not gonna be feeling the same but you know put your shoes on get out the door and I was literally dragging my feet to the point where I was even talking to my coach on the way I’m just not feeling it today.

But I wasn’t talking myself out of it either. I was just aware I was feeling and I was very aware of how heavy the weights were that I was doing so I didn’t overdo it. And yeah I came out of there with so much more energy so I’m actually feeling so much more energetic than what I thought I would have felt after coming out of the gym and I ended up pushing myself probably a little bit harder than what I thought I would. So just going through those motions of actually going and actually telling myself reminding myself that hey you been here before and you’ve gone to the gym and you’ve actually done it and you’ve not regretted it and you felt even better on the other side.

So I just remember those times when you have actually done something like training wise when you haven’t necessarily felt super excited to go do it. Can just help give you that little extra nudge, not a little trick I like to do to keep motivated or to get them self-motivated is that always try and keep that visualization of my ultimate goal very close at hand and I embody it as if it’s already happened.

So for me, it would be to look and feel like an athlete so strong, lean, healthy, pain-free healthy athlete, not an injured athlete. And I just say to myself well what an athlete. Skip a class today. No. Or skip a session today. No. Okay. They just show up. So I think that’s a really good technique to use when you’re trying to talk yourself out of going to train. Like I said you’re never going to regret pushing yourself to actually go and do a session.

And I think the only time you will regret it is if you’re unwell. And even then sometimes too you don’t have to if you’ve got an injury you don’t have to quit altogether. You can actually modify your workouts so you know if you’ve got a sore shoulder just a low body or if you’ve got a sore wrist. Just do some walking. If you’ve got a sore ankle do upper body, do some core, do some bodyweight stuff. There’s always ways around you being able to get some form of activity and mobility because if you’re not moving you’re dying right.

You know you’re not progressing. So I’m not saying you need to go balls to the wall and go super nuts on your activity but getting some form of exercise and training is always going to be very healthy for everyone. Give you an example there’s a lady on my compound that’s quite elderly and she’s fallen over and broken a hip. She’s been in a wheelchair for probably a few months and honestly, I did not even think she would probably even get out of that chair. But every day she’s out with a couple of helpers taking some extra steps every day she’s walking further and further with her zimmer frame and with the two helpers making sure that she’s still getting some movement in.

So I hope that helps with giving you some tips on how you can get or keep motivated. A lot of it is just about keeping your ultimate vision at hand and just also knowing too that being active or being consistent in anything is the same across the board.

It’s like if you’ve got quite a lot of debt to pay off a lot of people will baulk at the idea of just chipping away at it a little bit by a little bit and then you know a year later they’ve paid off a massive debt.

They often wait until they’ve got like a whole chunk of money to then put on their debt and that day never comes. So when it comes to food, when it comes to training, a little bit is better than nothing. So if you’re not feeling motivated one day just go put your shoes on go and do it. It doesn’t have to be 100 per cent. Progress is better than perfection any day. Just keep in mind how you’re gonna feel at the end of your session even if you know or even if you feel you’re not going to be out to give it your all.

Chances are you’ll get there. You’ll start to get fired up and you will start to give it your all. And if you don’t that’s okay too because that wasn’t your intention was just to show up. So, I hope this helps. Definitely helps me when I’m not feeling motivated and I definitely have those days like today. So I am feeling really buzz now. I’m feeling really good. I’ve got a lot more energy now and I’m ready to seize the second half of the day. So until next episode, we’ll see you later.

I’d love you to share with me too if you’ve got any motivational tips that you do to keep consistent and to keep that momentum going. And I’ll talk to you soon.