Hey there. It’s Robyn and welcome to my brand spanking new and first ever podcast. I’m really excited that you’re here, and to be honest I really don’t know what shape this podcast is going to take. All I know is that it’s come out of the desire for me to share my own learnings, experiences and I don’t know, just, just the insight I guess into what it’s taken for me over the past few years of preparing to turn 40 and in the first couple of years of being 40 and how my mindset has shifted and my body has definitely changed.

And I’m going to say for the better, actually because we all know that as we age things can change things can start to droop. We start to find more wrinkles more Gray has. But honestly, I feel that. I feel way better now in my early 40s than what I did in my mid to late 30s and I guess that’s just going to form the basis of this podcast which is all about creating the new 40.

A lot of you have probably heard of the term 40 is in new 30 or 40 is a new 20 and I really don’t subscribe to that because I feel that by saying that we’re trying to relive our youth and I don’t know about you but I’m actually really glad to be here. I’m really grateful to be healthy and happy and thriving in my 40s, and there are some parts about being 20 that I just don’t really want to repeat. So. You know I’m here for a reason. And yeah! I don’t really subscribe to that kind of that kind of way of thinking that 40s a new 30. So I really want to redefine what 40 means and you know people are living longer whether they’re living healthier or happier, we don’t really know, but I’m all about increasing or maintaining that quality of life as we age and it’s not just about how we look. Either.

You know I had a pretty radical body transformation over the last couple of years which is possibly how you found me. I’ve dropped 20 kilos. I’d like to lose some more but I know how to do it. I’m quite comfortable. I’ve created and attracted a much better quality of life. With my new methods and philosophy on how I’ve managed to shift my weight.

And I know how to keep moving forward. So it’s not a matter of jumping on or off any kind of diet wagon. It’s about using the philosophies and the principles that I’ve used which have actually been rooted in the internal and the mindset shifts. So I’ll definitely be sharing a lot of that in my podcast but also, just redefining what it means to be a woman in your 40s or approaching your 40s. And how to make this the best time ever.

So, I’m going to share a little bit about my own personal journey because a really good girlfriend of mine who is also the same age as me who’s been encouraging me to share my not only my transformation but she helped me with producing my book. And she’s one of my greatest fans so that’s fantastic and we’re both on this very similar journey together. She really wants me to share my personal journey and I do talk a lot about it in my book The Body Plan. But, You know if you’re here and you don’t really know much about me. I’d really like to share that with you now. So I’m going to start my personal journey as an adult.

Leaving high school, I went directly into the workforce I was very fortunate to land a very good job in the banking sector where I was groomed for over five years I was able to work my way up into project management role. And during that time I was obviously very ambitious. I always dreamed I was going to be a career woman so well before my peers were wearing power suits. That was me! Wearing my power suits to work dressing like my bosses and working my way up the corporate ladder. And during this time I also moved out of home and back home again and back out again.

But I remember my first-time share house living with some other young professionals having absolutely no clue how to meal prep or plan. So, I just went to the grocery store with no plan in mind way before Pinterest, way before all these recipes were available online and guidance and I basically went shopping the same way my mum would shop for a family of five so you can imagine I was pretty set for the first couple of months but that was not going to fly so I realized that I really needed to understand more about feeding myself especially the young professional where there’s obviously a lot more socializing a lot of partying a lot of after Friday night work drinks.

So, I had that little bit of extra weight just puppy fat I guess that you get when you turn 18 and you start going clubbing and drinking and being hung over a lot. So I thought I just joined Weight Watchers and I’ll learn and learn how to eat properly. And I did join but to be honest I was still not really that overweight so they almost turned me away but I pleaded with them to let me join and I joined and I actually did lose about five kilos but what it really did teach me was just a bit of structure to meal planning and prepping particularly for a single girl.

I was living in a share house but we all were in charge of our own food. So through that, I started to get a real interest in food I guess I was always interested in cooking but in terms of how to nourish myself properly and don’t get me wrong my mom was a very good cook create mostly home cooked meals. She was very very good but she always did most of the cooking so there wasn’t really a lot that I had learnt myself although I did top Home Economics in year 12. So I didn’t know how to cook I just didn’t know how to really do it for myself as a young single person.

Okay so after that through the years I then left the corporate world became a flight attendant for ten years and being a flight attendant is a fantastic job for a young single person you get to see the world. You get paid to party and sleep but it’s not exactly the most healthiest profession. You are sleeping when other people are not, your you know making the most of your opportunities by traveling and travel wreaks havoc on the body completely. So after about let’s say I think about six years in commercial flying and living in London, I took a job out in Saudi Arabia for a flying job as well but it was a lot less work a lot less flying more money.

 So of course I was going to take that. And in my mind this was gonna be my last flying job until I was ready to. I don’t know I’d take the next step. So I spent a lot of my downtime in Saudi Arabia learning about raw food the raw food diet. And the reason I was attracted to this was it seemed really exciting and around this time there were lots of blogs on the Internet. People blogging a lot about raw food how you can make ice cream out of coconuts and how can make pizza out of dehydrated nuts and seeds.

So it’s pretty exciting but all the equipment that you needed to do this was pretty expensive. But hey I was living in Saudi Arabia didn’t have much to spend my money on and had a lot of downtime so I started to teach myself a lot of this stuff. I bought lots of recipe books I spoke to lots of raw food chefs online I made some really great friendships which seem pretty with some pretty good renown real chefs who I’m still great friends with to this day and I loved it so much that through my own blog which had started as a travel blog I was sharing a lot of my own raw free recipes and just coincidentally I managed to gain a pretty big following.

It’s very easy to do this so when things and you like everyone’s got a blog now everyone’s got a podcast. But it was really easy to stand out because one it was a really needed topic raw food and also two not many people were blogging especially the Middle East. So I got quite a large following particularly in the Middle East where I would get asked to do events and do classes and because I had quite a large international following I had lots of people in reaching out to me saying Please can you can you come to my country or come to my place and hold a class?

 So I started to. Think more in a business sense how could actually turn this into a business for when I was going to be a flight attendant anymore. So I invested in some formal training I went over to the US and trained as a real food chef. With a pretty renowned raw chef school. And that’s where my following kind of exploded even more, so I got a lot more media, I obviously got a lot more knowledge on the raw food diet, and how to create some beautiful foods which I still stand by some pretty creative ways to eat fruits such as fruits and nuts seeds vegetables it’s really really creative.

But not long after that. I then got married and started a family. So I met my now husband in Saudi Arabia. He’s also Australian. But I met him in Saudi. He was working for the same company as me and no he’s not a pilot and, funnily enough, we’re from the same part of Australia – Brisbane. So it’s pretty crazy that we had to meet one another in Saudi and we’d both say well we would never ever marry Australians. So yeah we started a family and you know all my raw food stuff kind of, when I fell pregnant I really stopped wanting to eat that way I just it wasn’t that I made a conscious decision I just unconsciously didn’t want to eat that food anymore.

 I was craving of my comfort foods. I had to spend about three months in Australia waiting for my new visa to come through while I was pregnant so I had three months apart from my brand new husband which was obviously quite hard for both of us. I started eating a lot more of comfort foods like meat pies and chips and iced coffees. Things that I’ve really missed because I’ve been an expat for almost 10 years at this point. So, I kind of just went off my raw food ways and then becoming a new mom to a really challenging newborn, and most mums will probably say any newborn is challenging but you know this kid was it was hard. We had feeding issues we had sleeping issues more so than normal.

So that all kind of fell by the wayside. My whole self-care fell by the wayside. I probably didn’t come up for air until he was probably about one which I think most new mothers will relate to anyway. And then not long after that, we were pregnant again with my second child and completely different pregnancy. I was craving a lot more fruit and salads and vegetables but I still was very unconscious of my own self-care which happens when you’re a new mum. I was working out but not regularly. I was walking a lot when I could with the pram but in terms of having any kind of structure and understanding as to what how I should be nourishing myself, I kind of fell by the wayside.

So it wasn’t until. My daughter my youngest was three and a half that I had three significant events that happened in my life that really kind of shook me up. One of them was. I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the woman who was looking back at me. I kind of had been in denial the whole time but this was after having spoken to some girlfriends of mine one of them whom is actually a diabetic and a diabetic nurse educator and she’d actually said to me. That she felt I was pre-diabetic. I didn’t even need to get assessed. She just said just by looking at your belly fat your weight you are definitely high risk. If not you are already pre-diabetic. And that kind of came as a bit of a shock to me because my mum had just been diagnosed with diabetes less than a year earlier. So that kind of woke me up. I was also regularly seeing a chiropractor to have my hip and my lower back adjusted regularly and around the same time, a chiropractor said look listen. You’re keeping me busy Robyn this is great, but you can fix this permanently if you strengthen your core and you lost some weight you just need to get strong again because I can feel you’ve actually got a strong body underneath you. You’ve got a good foundation and you need to get rid of the bloat you need to start eating properly. And the third was a family trauma. That occurred that really shook our whole family and just really made me see that life is very short and that sometimes we can get caught up in the little details. But you know when you look at the big picture we’re really not here for a very long time so it’s time to make the most of every moment and go ahead and get what it is that you really want.

 I really wanted to be healthy. I really wanted to be the best version of myself not only for myself but for my family. And if I was ever going to do this, it was gonna be now. I was going to be fit. Get that fitness athlete body had not let age hold me back. And in the whole scheme of doing that. I was going to do it all. By shifting my mindset and really healing the internal, internal stuff going on because I really do believe the way you carry the weight that you carry is indicative of something that’s going on inside your body is telling you something.

So that was me in 2016, October 2016 I decided I was gonna make a change. And I did. Here I am almost three years later. And I’ve dropped 20 kilos. I’ve shifted a lot of habits and habits the things that we do without really thinking about it. So, in other things that are the hardest to change. Sorry. And I’ve also brought my husband along for the ride too and he’s looking better than ever. So that brings me to today. And this is why I am here so I really hope that you get a lot out of this podcast.

I’ve got lots of ideas with where I want to take this. It’s not just gonna be about weight loss but obviously, I know that that’s. Probably why you’re here initially that’s what a lot of people are thinking about. As they hit their 40s or they’re in their 40s and it things do get hotter as we get older. But it’s not impossible.

And it’s not. It doesn’t need to be a struggle. So. I really hope you enjoyed this first episode. Of the new 40. And I look forward to chatting to you more.