Robyn Law is an Australian expat living with her husband and two children in the Middle East.

In 2002, Robyn was inspired to give up her safe and reliable corporate career in finance to take a year off city life and get paid to travel as a ‘glamorous’ flight attendant with Richard Branson’s newly formed Australian branch of Virgin Airlines.

Three years later, still flying and loving it, Robyn embarked on a world adventure after bearing witness to friends settling down and starting families with nothing resembling this looming on her horizon.

After a varied professional life including nannying, stints in television and corporate management roles, she found herself back where she really thrived, in the skies for Australian airline QANTAS, based out of London, flying to South East Asia every week.

Being paid to party and sleep was fun, but when she was offered a top-tier role working on a private jet shortly after hitting the big thirty, she jumped at the chance, to bank tax-free cash and have an enforced ‘detox’ in dry and restricted Saudi Arabia.

Living and working in Saudi Arabia, flying diplomats and oil company management all over the world was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but the real payoff was the paid downtime which was when Robyn first discovered the new world of blogging; documenting her worldwide travels and adventures.

Her blogging organically morphed into a popular and professional health and wellness site, Girl on Raw, resulting in Robyn travelling to the US to officially train as a Raw Food Chef, being named by Australian Woman’s Day magazine as Australia’s Leading Raw Chef in 2014.

No longer a practising raw foodie, but evolving as a continual student of self-transformation, health, nutrition, fitness, and self-development through formal training and self-study, Robyn hopes to inspire through sharing her own unique journey, mistakes and lessons acquired from her varied careers, international travel and exposure to a wide variety of cultures and people.

Plus, she just loves to write, eat, cook, train, travel and live her best life!